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Steven Freivogel
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How to Be Prepared for the Upcoming March 14, 2023 Municipal Elections

Broward County, FL. (March 10, 2023) – The 2023 Municipal Elections will take place on Tuesday, March 14th. Voters who were registered to vote by February 13, 2023 will be able to participate in this election. Voting hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on election day. To vote in-person, you must do so at your assigned precinct. Click here to search your Election Day precinct.

The following cities are scheduled to hold an election on March 14th:

The following are helpful reminders on how to be prepared for this upcoming election:

  • Florida law requires voters to present a picture ID with signature at the polling place.  A list of acceptable forms of Identification (ID) is available on our website. Please note: IDs cannot be expired and must have current signature. 
  • The last day to drop off Vote-by-Mail ballots is March 14th . The following two locations are available for voters to drop off their Vote-By-Mail ballots: To see the complete drop box schedule, click here.
  •     Your voter information card is not necessary to vote. It is a helpful tool for you to know your districts and polling location. Know where your polling place is before election day by checking your voter information card or by going to our website and clicking on Election Day Precincts. If you have moved, you are required to vote in your new home precinct.
  • You will be asked at your precinct for an identification, if you do not have an identification, by law you MUST vote a Provisional Ballot. A provisional ballot is always counted when the voter is shown to be registered and eligible.
  •     If a voter has requested a Vote-By-Mail ballot and later decides to vote at the polling place instead, you may bring the Vote-By-Mail ballot with you to be cancelled at your polling place and receive a new ballot to vote at the polls.
  •     Results for the Municipal Elections including Vote-by-Mail Ballots and Election Day votes begin streaming on our website at 7:00 p.m. on election night.  Results will be updated frequently on our website: until all precincts are reported.

Thank you for your interest and participating in this very important civic process that is the bedrock of our democracy.  Did you know that most of our social media content is in three languages? Follow us @BrowardVotes and help us keep our community informed.              

For further Information, please contact:

Ivan Castro, Public Information Specialist

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