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About the Supervisor


Broward SEO Joe Scott John Lewis said, "we must ensure every vote and every voter counts." It is my passion to ensure this American foundational principle will be realized for all eligible voters, for all citizens, whether they are natural born, naturalized, or returning citizens, regardless of party affiliation or background. 

Protecting our democracy and dedication to national service is in my DNA. My grandma Carrie was the first black woman to vote in Wilcox County, Alabama. My mom retired from Broward public schools, an educator for over 40 years. My dad is a retired Army Sergeant Major and disabled veteran. My wife of 19 years is an Army veteran and nurse anesthetist who serves South Florida hospitals in the face of the covid-19 pandemic threat. I graduated from West Point and was awarded the bronze star as an Army Captain and combat leader in Iraq.

My MBA and 20 years of combined military and technology leadership experience give me the unique skill sets required, to unify different communities and stakeholders to improve the voting experience in Broward, and to effectively build the team and capabilities we need to ensure fair voting for all.

Every staff member in the elections office is committed & skilled at ensuring voter security, voter education, & voter engagement. Technology is advancing faster than ever, and your elections office team understands how to integrate new technologies without compromising security. In addition, our ballots and our messages will consistently reflect the diversity of language and culture that makes Broward County distinctive. We value community outreach & education for all voters, so they can make their voices heard. As President Obama has said: “we cannot treat voting as an errand to run if we have some time. We have to treat it as the most important action we can take on behalf of democracy."