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Special Needs and Language Assistance

Every voting location in Broward County meets Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards. Each one is equipped with a paper-based voting system that uses touchscreen and/or audio technology, which could help voters who have issues with their eyesight, trouble reading or disabilities.

In Person (Election Day and Early Voting)

Per Florida Statute 101.051, a voter who needs assistance to vote must fill out a Declaration to Secure Assistance. An election official can assist, but the voter can brings a person to provide assistance.

National Voter Registration Act

The National Voter Registration Act, also known as the Motor Voter Act, came to be so that people could register to vote more easily. It was also written to help boost the number of minority voters and the number of voters with disabilities.

The Motor Voter Act requires all offices of state-funded programs that provide services to persons with disabilities to also provide them with voter registration applications, to assist them with completing the applications, and to send the completed applications to the proper state official. For more information, call 954-357-8683.

You can register to vote at the following locations:

Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act

The Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act requires that voting locations are set up so that people with disabilities can enter, vote, and exit with relative ease during federal elections. The law also requires that telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDDs), which are also known as teletypewriters (TTYs), are available.

  • All polling places are handicap accessible.
  • Vote-by-mail voting is available to all voters upon proper request.
  • Accessible telecommunication is available at 954-357-8683.

Special Needs and Language Assistance

The Voting Rights Act has provisions that ensures that every voter could register to vote, easily enter and exit the polling location, and have easy access to a voting booth. Also, the Voting Rights Act requires that ballots don't discriminate against blind or visually-impaired people, or people who can't read English.

  • All polling places are equipped with at least one ADA touchscreen voting machine
  • How to use the Voting Machines
  • All ballots and election-related materials are available in three languages: English, Spanish and Creole

In addition:

Vote an Accessible Vote-by-Mail Ballot

A voter with disability can receive and mark an accessible ballot independently and privately from their own home or other location. Accessible ballot services or electronic ballot delivery and marking systems allow a person with disabilities to receive a ballot electronically upon request. The voter has the option to mark the ballot, with or without compatible assistive devices or software that are part of the program or external to the program. At a minimum, a person will need a computer and a printer to be able to use these services or systems. A voted ballot may only be returned in person or by mail. Voted ballots cannot be returned electronically. To request an Accessible Vote-by-Mail ballot, please click on Vote-by-Mail icon and make sure that you check the box close to “Voters with Disabilities.”

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